Tara’s Palace Trust

Tara’s Palace Trust is a small registered Irish charity (registered number CHY8009) dedicated to helping the children of Ireland in its unique way.  The centre piece of the project is Tara’s Palace one of the greatest dolls palaces in the world which is displayed together with a collection of historic dolls houses, toys and children bygones in Powerscourt House, Enniskerry.

The project to create Tara’s Palace began in 1978 and took 15 years to initial completion.  It was established as a charity in 1994 and in 2008 is seeking to expand and extend its activities through its web site as need continues to be high.

The charity was the idea of Ron and Doreen Mc Donnell and a Trust established under their will passed Tara’s Palace to a board of Trustees to be used for children and children’s charities.
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The charity is formed as a company limited by guarantee with charitable status and is governed by a board of Trustees who give their services on a volunteer basis.
The charity is based in in Powerscourt House, Enniskerry, Co.Wicklow where it operates a museum of childhood centred on Tara’s Palace and the Trust’s collection of children’ bygones and historic dolls houses.

How Tara’s Palace Charitable Trust Works

Tara’s Palace is dedicated to the support of Children and Children’s Charities in Ireland.

It works in four ways:-

  • All profits go to from admission fees or from sales of its products go to the benefit of Children’s Charities.
  • Funds raised through sponsorship or Trust activities such as the “Auction of Promises” go to the benefit of Children’s Charities less any costs involved
  • Groups of handicapped or disadvantaged children are invited to visit the project free of charge. With work beginning of additional planned facilities in 2008 an extra room will be available which will enable the Trustees to provide refreshments to this group so as to provide a half day visit for them and their care workers.
  • The facility is offered free of all charges to Children’s Charities, who wish to use it for their own fundraising purposes

All of the Trustees and most of the staff are unpaid volunteers.  The buildings are provided free by Fingal County Council and its Parks Department. Dublin Tourism assists the Trust in its promotion and operation.


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